Developement of agriculture and concern for climate can go hand in hand.

Climate and farmer friendly policies are possible.

Our mission is building bridges between climate activists and farming communities, so we can fight for better environment for everyone, together. Why is this important? Scroll down and find out.

Who are we and what do we want to achieve?

We are a group of activists who care about the future of our planet, focusing primarily on climate and biodiversity. We see and appreciate how climate and agriculture strongly interact, and we refuse to allow wealthy people to only save themselves, leaving behind the environment and people  - especially those working hard for our food security. We recognize and embrace the concerns of farming communities, and aim to work together to address issues that affect us all, with consideration for the fact that those working with the land and livestock are the first to suffer from the ongoing crisis.

What we want to achieve?

  • Establishing collaboration between climate activists and farming communities
  • Supporting activists in smaller cities and rural areas
  • Helping create a strong farming movement in Poland
  • Popularizing climate-friendly methods of farming
  • Supporting climate friendly farmers and striving to make their work easier

What are we working on?

Creating space for collaboration between climate activists and farming communities

One of our most important tasks is to build bridges between climate activists farming communities. We strongly believe those two groups have significantly overlapping interests and incredible potential, even though sometimes finding the common language is not easy. We are working on identifying common goals, language and methods of action that can help strengthen each of these groups. We would like to combine the climate activists' knowledge and experience in fields of campaigning and organizing with the numbers and sincerity of farmers.

Supporting the development of a grassroot farming movement

We can see enormous potential of the farming communities and their strength to influence the political landscape in Poland. But what we also see is big agroindustry co-opting this strength to fight in the interests of enormous farms and business, often with interests directly opposing those of actual farmers.

Seeing how famers are overworked and don't often have the privilege of "just doing the activism", we want to support them with tools and opportunities that will allow them to have their own voices heard. We also want to make it easier for people in rural areas and smaller towns where organized activists network don't often reach to get involved in climate activism and provide them with tools and allies that will help their struggles gain more visibility.

Our dreams is to help develop a grassroots movement of farmers in Poland. Therefore we will happily support any group of farmers organizing themselves and protesting, as long as environment and climate is among their concerns or will stand to benefit from their efforts. We will help with identifying narratives, strategizing and planning your campaigns to demand fair the transformation of the farming sector or to oppose investments that threaten farmers, their families, and the environment in which they live. We work with other climate movements and organizations to increase our capabilities and understanding of other groups' needs.

Developing a network of Community Liaisons

We are working on creating a nationwide network of local community leaders. People who know their region, have contacts and understanding of local politics. Our aim is to achieve a full coverage of Poland with an activist in every corner of the country who will be able to contact us on behalf of their local community and serve as a liaison point to help us better understand and support them.

We want to be able to support local initiatives and struggles, and develop these in places without active structures of activists. Depending on local needs, we want to contact those communities with other groups and organizations, to provide trainings, workshops, expertise and other necessary support. Additionally, the liaisons from all regions where we operate will meet regularly to exchange experiences and strategize, in order to be able to achieve larger goals together.

If you feel this role describes you and would like to learn more, we encourage you to contact us to join our network - we will gladly support you, especially if you're active in an area that we have not worked in so far. Don't worry if you are already part of other initiatives or movements: we are all about networking and building alliances, so we are always happy to include new people and ideas as well as provide them with support to further our common goals!

Organizing and taking part in People's Assemblies and debates

We are strong believers in the power of direct democracy and deliberation, therefore we are using tools such as People's Assemblies to help communities organize, as well as to identify their needs and goals. Our activists are always interested in participating in traditional forms of furthering discourse such as debates as well. We are especially interested in organizing events on topics of challenges to climate friendly farming and finding much needed solutions. We have prepared a handbook that is aimed to explain the basics of deliberative democracy - why it works and how it can be used to help your community - and walk you through organizing a People's Assembly on your own, even if you have never taken part in one before.

In the longer term, we would like to convince more communities of the benefits of deliberative democracy and encourage them to demand national Citizens' Assemblies on the topic of industrial farming and the changes needed in agriculture to be more environmentally-friendly and resilient to climate change threatening the future of farming. It's about time the law were made with the people and their environment in mind, instead of only those with deep pockets. We believe that this is a realistic way to secure that and make sure farming communities' voice will be heard, as no law on farming should be made without their input.

If you're interested in our work on Peoples' Assemblies, we encourage you to take a look at our handbook, which you can find in the Polish version of the website.

Supporting farmers in finding and implementing climate friendly solutions

We aim to support farmers aspiring to produce food in a way that is sustainable and good for the climate and the rest of the environment. For this purpose we collaborate with experts and other initiatives to learn and provide assistance whenever it is welcome. We support solutions strengthening the ecosystem, such as agroforestry or regenerative agriculture and methods of distribution that allow farmers to achieve fair income, rewarding those who care about their land and animals, such as direct sale and food cooperatives.

If you are a farmer in Poland who cares about the environment and climate, we will help you get through obstacles and find other farmers who will share their experiences with you.

Climate for farming is an initiative of activists from different environments, actively supported by WeMove Europe. If you believe that what we are doing is important, we will also welcome your support of this project.