#Crops for Guests - solidarity action

The confluence of war in the region and the increasingly drastic effects of the climate catastrophe mean that the upcoming season could be especially difficult. Progressive drought and heavy rains are not conducive to high yields, while industrial approaches to cultivation are leading to degradation of soils and ecosystems.

What we need is a local, small-scale solution that can be multiplied. For this reason, this past spring we launched the #CropsForGuests campaign. We wanted to help those affected by war while taking care of our own food security. How? By planning crops so that there would be enough for everyone.

The climate crisis means that food will become increasingly difficult to get. We can prepare for it!

As part of the campaign, we encouraged recipients to do the following:

  1.  For people who cultivate the land, farmers:
    Perhaps you are already working with a co-op or Community Supported Agriculture (RWS)? Even if you're just starting out, it's a great time to get started. Plan an extra crop to plan for your recipients (existing or new ones you meet in the Crops for Guests Facebook group. Such baskets will be purchased by the co-op and donated to those in need. Don't know how to contact potential recipients? Join the group - there we are creating a platform for all those who want to take part in the action!
  2.  For those with their own garden:
    Maybe it's a home garden, a community garden or even a balcony garden? Even if your space has so far been dominated by ornamental flowers, you can dedicate even a patch of land to growing vegetables. What you manage to collect you can share with a selected aid group or individual family.
  3. For those without a garden:
    We invite you to join our Crops for Guests group. There you will meet farmers who want to plant a little more, but are not necessarily in a position to invest in such assistance themselves. You will arrange with them to buy a "solidarity basket" that you can donate to those in need. We will successively publish a list of groups that could use such help on our website. Who knows, maybe this help will turn into a longer cooperation and you will find a vegetable supplier for yourself in this way?

Crops for Guests - Facebook Group

In our April campaign, we invited people to plant additional acreage to share the extra harvest with people who may need it. In this situation, we invited people with refugee experience to support our Guests. In addition, a Facebook group was created where individuals could motivate each other, brag about their crops, exchange knowledge and also network.

Tu join the group click here.